Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Lotion Theory

I'm at my breaking point.

I'm at 147 pounds and have never been over 150 in my life, except when pregnant.

I call this weight, slightly under 150, my breaking point. I am most comfortable around 130. At 130, I look pretty good and I can eat whatever I feel like eating as long as I exercise very regularly. I'd love to be 125. But if I try to go under 130, and I've tried it before, it's a food-managment nightmare that I never enjoy. Life is not fun that way. I can do this Weight Watchers thing, I've done it before, but I can't do it for more than about 3 months. Just enough to get back to 130 and then maintain it with exercise.

But so I started thinking. Why haven't I ever been over 150 in my life? I mean, truthfully, I can eat like a pig. I am a huge fan of the food and drink. Eating and drinking is seriously one of my favorite pastimes. But for someone with my attitude towards food to never, ever go more than 19 pounds overweight?

How do I manage that? How does this happen?


Yes, that's right. Moisturizer. See, the thing is, I apply this stuff to my skin every day. Every day I get out of the shower and lotion myself up. My hands touch every external surface of my body. And my reality is, when I start heading up into the upper 140's, my hands can feel it.

And they don't like what they feel, baby. No they don't.

My hands get to that point where they are not happy and my whole being can sense it. I can put on 5 or 10 pounds and notice it. But when I hit 15, oh my stars, my hands start to shake. They say, baby, it's time to hit the points.

The Weight Watchers points that is.


jakelliesmom said...

Kristi - that's just too much. I see mine in pictures - the worst part in my awareness was when my husband and I first started dating and we were too busy dating that we didn't have the occasion to take pictures. Had I seen myself,I'd have known to put down my fork full of cheesecake!

And now that you and Jen have both spilled the beans about your weight, I can't quite stay closeted. Hmmmm....

Crystal said...

Hi my mommy blogger friends! Look how much fun you chicks are having over here. How great that you all are doing this together. Where were you all when I was doing WW last year? I am not dieting right now, but I will check in to see what kinds of healthful things you guys are dining on. Good luck!!

Lisa said...

Man - I guess I need to start lubing up more often.

I didn't get the link/email from Jen M. If you have a sec, I'd love it. I guess I need to bite the bullet & sign back up for WW online.

After I go eat a twinkie :)

Jen M. said...

Invitations are sent to Jessica and Lisa!!

Anna said...

Oh you all are so inspiring, because you are me! Found you through Jen M., I'm a WW virgin as well, but when8pounds became 12,13, 14 I got scared and signed up online.
Thank you all for this site!