Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This Is The Kind of Husband I Have

This is the kind of husband I have---I have the kind of husband that will make himself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, the yummy kind with the really bad for you American cheese and lots of butter, and then he'll cut it in half, eat only half, and leave the other half lying on the cutting board.

All day.

Staring me in the face. All day.

I walked by it multiple times. I even pulled some cooked, but cold, green beans out of the fridge, stood right next to the sandwich half, and munched on my green beans.

Yeah. I did.

But I'm wondering. Who eats only half of a grilled cheese? I'd eat my whole sandwich and then the leftovers the kids didn't eat. I'd even eat the pieces that accidentally dropped on the floor and wouldn't give a hoot about no 5 second rule. I'd eat a double decker grilled cheese. I'd eat enough for you, me, and the guy next door.

My husband is the kind of guy who eats only half.

And leaves the other half lying on the cutting board all day.

Maybe he should try living on 20 Weight Watchers Points a Day. Just for fun, y'know?


Lisa said...

Kristi - I SO need to be on board with you! I am the person who eats the whole grilled cheese, the left over mac & cheese, the mushed up mess of Lulu's PB&J and then has a snack while the kids are napping. My husband can be really disciplined too - and it irks me to no end!!!
We're going to Florida in March & to South Carolina in May and I need to shed a good 10 (really 20) pounds. Please motivate me!!!

Jen M. said...

What he did? Two words: Justifiable homicide.