Saturday, February 2, 2008

Surviving WW---Eat Your Flex on the Weekends

Starting today, I will write a series of posts on the way that I survive Weight Watchers. Today's post is about saving your flex points to use on the weekends.

One system you can follow on Weight Watchers (I know there are others, but have never tried them) is called the Flex Points system. On this program, you get a certain number of points per day based on your weight (in my case, 20 points) and then 35 flex points to use throughout the week. You can use your flex points any way you want. You can choose to not use them at all. You can choose to save them for one big celebration. Or you can divide them up throughout the week. But no matter what you do, you cannot use more than 35 in one week.

I like to save mine for the weekends. I have found that it's much easier to be disciplined during the week and to relax a little on the weekends. I'm not completely strict about it since sometimes there are things that come up during the week that merit dipping a bit into the flex, but I like to have at least 25 flex points going into the weekend. This method works well for me because it helps me to not feel deprived. I am able to relax a bit and enjoy my weekends.

This week, for example, I did really well. I started the weekend---for me that starts after lunch on Friday---with 27 flex points left. That meant that I could safely "go over" my alloted daily points by an average of 9 per day (Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday). It was a nice position to be in!

Plus, I was particularly good on Friday during the day so I also went into my weekend with 16 points left from the day.

Here's how I did it---

For breakfast I had a banana (-1) and a cup of coffee with equal (0). Then I hit the gym and spent 60 minutes on the elliptical (+2). Leaving me with 21 points. More than I started with!

Then I went home and had my mid-morning snack/lunch because that's how I like to do things. I had some zero point Progresso soup to which I added chopped zucchini, chopped yellow squash, peas, and spinach (0 points). With this I had 7 low-fat Triscuits (-2 points). Then I walked my dogs (+1) and I was back to where I started! (20 points)

Later in the day, I ate the rest of the soup I had made earlier (-1, I took a point for it since it was a double serving of zero point soup), 7 more crackers (-2 points), and a small piece of chocolate (-1). That left me with 16 points going into the weekend. Whoo hoo!

For dinner, I had a lot of fun. I wouldn't recommend this for people who feel like once they've "over-indulged" they've messed up their diet. To me, this is the beauty of the flex points. You may relax once in a while as long as you don't go over your flex points.

Here's the fun I had----3 pieces of thin crust, chicken caesar pizza (frozen) topped with my own sauteed peppers and spinach (-10 points), 2 glasses of wine (-6 points), and later, while watching a movie, air-popped buttered popcorn (-9 points). Leaving me with a -9, tapping into my flex by exactly the amount I wanted to average for each night of the weekend.

It was perfect.


jakelliesmom said...

This sounds like a very smart and reasonable eating plan. I'll be sharing soon about my lack of ability to keep such diligent focus.

Jen M. said...

I am copying you on this - although instead of popcorn and pizza I am eating the spicy thai peanut tofu wrap from Black Bean with some wine.

You are so good at this.

My math skilz are making their appearance with this points thing!

apwer2me408 said...

the entire can of progresso 0 point soup is 2 points, btw